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Do you ever wonder just what goes on during a newborn session?  If you are like most parents, you might inquire about a newborn session, and be a little surprised at all the details that go into making it happen.  I thought it might be fun to document a little bit of behind the scenes action so you can get a glimpse of me (your photographer!) working with my amazing clients (your sweet baby!) 

First things first.  When you book your newborn session Photography By Diana Marie LLC, you are going receive a custom newborn session that is classic, timeless, and in the comfort of your own home.  That's right!  If you live in Jacksonville, Orange Park, or St. Augustine, FL, your get the convenience of having a photographer at your front door at no extra charge.  Leaving the home with a brand new baby that is under two weeks old can be a daunting process, and this is one way that we can help simplify your photo session!  (Don't worry, if you live outside those areas, just ask!  I can accommodate other travel requests too!)  Here is a little view of what I bring with me, along with blankets, props, and accessories to add the perfect touch to your portraits:

What's next?  I get to work, and you get to sit back and relax!  Because of the nature of the newborn session, sometimes it can take some time to get baby relaxed and comfortable.  The goal is to have a happy, comfortable baby for the best photographs.  A typical session can last between 2-3 hours.  This allows plenty of time for soothing, feeding, posing, and of course, changing!  But don't worry..everything I bring is completely washable!  If a little accident happens, it's completely OK!

That weird face I'm making?  It's just me shushing that sweet baby to sleep :)

Sometimes, newborns need a little extra help getting to sleep.  So, we swaddle! 


Lastly, and most importantly, I want parents to know that safety is my number one goal when photographing your baby.  With each pose and setup, your baby's well being is taken into consideration.  Extra hands (or "spotters") are always used when necessary.  I know there are lots of photographers out there, so whomever you choose for your baby's first portraits, please make sure your baby is always number one priority. 

Here are a few final photographs from this behind the scenes session!  To book your newborn session, contact me!

A special thanks to Beth Ford from Beth Ford Designs for not only capturing these behind the scenes images, but for also designing my beautiful logo! 

Source: www.bethforddesigns.com