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Pregnancy is such an exciting time!  New parents are faced with so many emotions when they find out they are expecting.  What will the baby look like?  What will we name him? When will he arrive? Nine months of anticipation is tough!  Thankfully, there is a place for the parents to be to preview the little bundle of joy before the arrival!

Jacksonville Newborn Photography | A Stork's View

A Stork's View is the premier ultrasound imaging center in Jacksonville, FL.  Parents are able to preview their precious little one at almost any time during their pregnancy.   You can schedule an "Early Bird" ultrasound to hear that first heartbeat, and then visit again during your third trimester for the "Ultimate" 3D/4D ultrasound!  You can even book a prenatal massage with a Licensed Massage Therapist on site.  Talk about pampering! And now, when you book an ultrasound appointment with A Stork's View, you will automatically receive a $50 print credit with us when you book for your newborn session!  It's the complete experience that you and your new baby deserve.     

I recently had the pleasure of meeting A Stork's View's new owner, Amber.  She has done an amazing job at creating an comfortable atmosphere for parents to have the best experience possible.  The newly renovated facility is absolutely beautiful, and is such a welcoming environment for the parents to be!

If you are considering getting a 3D/4D ultrasound, you won't regret it!  For more information, visit www.astorksview.com.