Jacksonville Newborn Photography | Fresh 48 | Jacksonville, FL

When a baby is born, those first few minutes, hours, and days are ever changing.  Newborns cry for the first time; learn to eat; and simply take in their new surroundings.  New life is an absolute miracle. This Jacksonville Newborn Photography session was a sweet reminder of how precious these first moments are.

Jacksonville Newborn Photography | Fresh 48

I had the opportunity to document my very first "Fresh 48" session (as it is called in this industry).  What is that you ask?  A "Fresh 48" is a documentary session aimed at capturing the new details of the little life that has just begun!  As a mother myself, I know that the first days in the hospital are a whirlwind.  Excitement, joy, and lack of sleep all seem to collide as everyone relishes in the sweetness of the new bundle of joy.  As a photographer, I get to capture some of the sweet moments as they unfold, so that the families can look back and remember just how they felt when their baby was born.  I absolutely love being a newborn photographer, and I can't wait to document more sessions like these.

I had a wonderful time with this family.  Everyone was so laid back, and completely comfortable.  Mom looked absolutely amazing, as if she did not just even have a baby! We had a great session together, just documenting some sweet moments as they happened.

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