Jacksonville Newborn Photography | Florida Photographer | Preparing For For Your Session

Having a new baby is such an exciting time in your life. It can also be pretty nerve wracking, especially if it is your first! Lack of sleep, a crying baby, and lots of dirty diapers are enough to make anyone a little on edge! But, there are also so many special moments to be cherished; that first bath; snuggling a sleepy newborn; and don't forget the amazing newborn smell! These little moments are the reasons I always encourage parents to get in the photos for the newborn session. When you are less than two weeks postpartum, healing, and just want to sleep, the thought of getting all dressed up and smiling for photographs isn't easy.  Trust me, I get it. So, I have put together some (hopefully) helpful tips to help you prepare for your session. 

Jacksonville Newborn Photography | Preparing For Your Session

"What to wear?" Don't worry! Simple is best. You do not have to get all dressed up for this, and for good reason! When photographing a newborn, the main focus here is the baby, and we want to capture the love for this new little miracle. Mom is recovering physically, and dad is probably exhausted. So, I usually recommend putting together something comfortable, yet flattering, for your photographs.  Solid colors are best, as busy patterns can be distracting and unflattering. Neutral colors are great, as they are timeless and will always look good on your walls when you hang your portraits! A simple neutral t-shirt and jeans will even do the trick! Simple grooming is a must. It is a good idea to have clean fingernails, (I highly recommend neutral nail colors); and minimal jewelry to keep it baby focused and comfortable.

"I don't like posing!" If you have viewed our portfolio, you will notice that we aim for the most natural approach when it comes to this. You will be gently guided on how to hold the baby, etc in ways that will be most flattering for portraits. Sometimes, we even opt for the lifestyle approach, and capture natural moments in your home with baby! Every situation is different; we just want you to love your photographs and remember this special time together!

"What if baby doesn't cooperate?" Don't worry.  Newborn sessions can take some patience, and thankfully we have a lot of that! If for any reason baby is not comfortable, we will do everything we can to calm them down. If baby needs to eat, we feed him. If she is wet, we change her. If he won't settle, we swaddle! A happy baby is key to a successful newborn photo session! 

"I'm just too tired."  We totally understand. Bringing home this new baby is completely EXHAUSTING and you are doing an amazing job. Luckily, when you opt for family photos during your session, we schedule those first. That way, we can get the beautiful shots we need, and then you can RELAX and watch the rest of the session. Put your feet up and enjoy the 2-3 hours that someone else is holding your baby for you! You earned it!

After your session is over, you will not regret getting in front of the camera with your new baby. This time in your lives is so fleeting, and capturing it is so special. Making memories come to life is what we love to give our clients. If you would like to schedule a newborn photography session in Jacksonville, FL, or surrounding areas, contact us! In the meantime, enjoy some favorite parent and baby photographs below.