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Bringing home a new baby is such a whirlwind experience. But, can you imagine bringing home your SIXTH baby? With two already at home under two? This family is simply amazing. When I first read their story a while back, it really touched my heart. Little did I know, that I would have the opportunity to photograph their sixth newborn the next year. Keep reading for more about this Jacksonville Newborn Photography session!

Jacksonville Newborn Photographer | Elizabeth

I'm sure you are reading this, and wondering, how?! Well, this family has been blessed not only by children of their own from birth, but have also opened their home and hearts to adoption. When they received the call about little Elizabeth, they did not have long at all to decide. Mom and dad were no strangers to adoption; they had been down that road before! Twice! They thought their family was complete, but before they knew it, their hearts were being pulled into the adoption process again, and they were on their way to meet their newborn daughter!

When I first spoke to Elizabeth's mom about a newborn session, they had just brought her home, and Elizabeth was quickly approaching the end of that two week age window that the newborn photography world likes to stick to. (I'm not a huge stickler for that rule, but it's a good general guideline for a sleepy, curly baby!) Thankfully, we were able to get her in for a session right away! Elizabeth's mom had also been a newborn photographer before, so I was so honored that she even chose me to capture these memories!

When I first met Elizabeth's parents, the first thing I noticed was how kind they were. They openly welcomed me into their home, and were amazingly patient, especially for having six kiddos! All of their children were so well mannered and sweet; a joy to work with for sure!

When it came time for Elizabeth's photo shoot, she was wide awake! Thankfully, she was also content and happy to be awake, so that made my job a little easier! She was so alert, just looking around as if she was taking in all of her new surroundings. We started off with some awake newborn photos, (sometimes those are my absolute favorite!) then after some coaxing (warm atmosphere, gentle shushing, and lots of patience) she started to get sleepy, and eventually fell asleep!

It was such a joy to meet and work with yet another wonderful family. I feel so blessed to be able to not only work with newborns, but to be able to bond with the families of these amazing little lives.

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