Jacksonville Newborn Photography | St Augustine | Baby G

Going in to a newborn session, there are always a lot of unknowns that I have to be prepared for. Will baby be sleepy, or want to be awake the whole time? Will baby let me pose him/her easily? Am I going to be able to get all of the images the parents are hoping for? These are always running through my mind as I start setting up. Thankfully though, if something doesn't go as planned, we can always improvise. However, with this Jacksonville newborn session, everything went nearly exactly as planned! Baby G and his parents were some of the most easy going, wonderful people to work with. Read more below!

Jacksonville Newborn Photography | Newborn Session | Baby G

As I arrived at Baby G's home, it was a beautiful, sunny morning. Mom greeted me right away, and she looked AMAZING, especially for just giving birth! She introduced me to the newest member of their family; a sweet, sleepy little boy. A few minutes later, dad arrived from work, and he was just as welcoming as mom. (Mom and Dad do some pretty amazing work in the wedding industry. Check them out when you get a chance!) While I set up for the session, we chatted about G's birth story, newborn sleeping, feeding, and all of the other fun things that new parents are faced with. Mom gave Baby G his feeding, and he went right to sleep. 

We started the newborn session right away with parent/family images. Mom and dad were so easy to work with, and were very patient with me as we posed the three of them together. The little guy managed to wake up for a few of the family images, but took it like a pro! 

After that, we dove right in to the newborn portraits. Prior to the session, mom and I had discussed doing some neat setups that she had her heart set on. They were huge sports fans, so we incorporated a lot of special items into several of the images. It is always neat to be able to capture these special moments for parents who have been planning for nine long months!

Baby G was a breeze. He was a very easy going little guy, and hardly made a peep the entire session. I really could not have asked for a better baby that day!