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Hi everyone! From time to time, I like to have a guest blogger on to share information for new moms. Today, one of my favorite bloggers, Ashley, from Cupcakes n' Crunches is joining us to give some of her awesome tips for new moms! If you haven't checked her out already, she not only has great everyday articles just for moms, but also some excellent fitness tips! Today, she is sharing some of her own insight on some "must have" items for new moms. Check it out below!

Newborn Photography Jacksonville | Florida Photographer | Must Haves for New Moms

Hi! I’m Ashley and I blog over at Cupcakes n Crunches. I’m a Floridian turned New Yorker who now resides in Atlanta with my husband, 2 toddlers and 2 dogs. I used to be a part of Corporate America, but now I’m a part of the stay-at-home-mom’s club. It’s a cool club to be a part of, so I’m not complaining. 


As a mom of two babies, I’ve purchased my fair share of baby products. I’ve come to the conclusion that what works for one mother and one baby doesn’t always work well for another mom with a different baby. For example, my son never took a pacifier. I’m pretty sure my daughter will take her pacifier to college. Breastfeeding my son was so hard. (I cried more than he did, which is really saying something because he had colic.) Breastfeeding my daughter was also hard, but in a completely different way. Each child is different and because of that, I’m slow to recommend products to my mama friends. However, since I’ve cared for two babies I do have a few tried-and-true products that I think every single mama should have on hand when bringing a newborn home from the hospital. Today, I’m sharing those holy grail products with you! 


MammaBaby iPhone App: This app keeps up with all your baby's feedings (how long she eats, the time she eats, what side she ate on last, etc) + keeps count of her dirty/wet diapers + her sleep patterns + her growth chart. I had 2 babies under 2 years old, so I was busier than a one armed paper hanger when I came home from the hospital with my 2nd child. I could barely remember my last name, much less when the last time my child nursed. I was all, “Didn’t I just feed her? Or was that 4 hours ago? What is that smell? Oh my gosh! That’s our dinner burning…again.” This app allowed me to quickly look and recall my baby’s last feeding, which was a blessing in the midst of so much new chaos. 


Earth Mama and Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter: I had the WORST pain while breastfeeding my son, Atlas (seriously, I think that part was more traumatic than labor). Think: cracked and bleeding. I know, you just gagged at that. Ack! Sorry. That purple Lansinoh cream didn't really help me a lick, so when I had my daughter I thought I would be prepared with something new. I started using this natural butter in the hospital and I didn't have any real pain while feeding my daughter, Andi Rose. I recommend getting this and packing it in your hospital bag if you're a mom-to-be. It also smells like cookie dough. I personally think that's a bonus.


Triple Paste Ointment for Diaper Rash: Moving right along from nipple butter to butt cream (what in Heaven's name has my life come to?). This stuff is the best for preventing + curing a diaper rash. I always keep it in our house for both of my babies.


Balance Essential Oil: I don't sell essential oils. I refuse to ingest them. I don't buy into all the hype that they are a cure all for everything, but I do like using them in moderation for certain things (i.e. I love the lavender for the kids at night before bed and the breathe oil to help when we have colds - I rub the oils on the bottom of my baby’s feet). I put the balance oil on each day during the ‘4th trimester' & I really do believe it helped me stay calm and centered. Good gosh -  I sound like a hippie. And it's probably all in my head. But either way, it helped my mood, which helped everyone in my house. I think these oils also make great gifts for new mama’s. 


Lactation Cookies: I'm not sure you could call these a real 'need' but I made so many batches of these cookies from Jessica's blog while I was breastfeeding my babies and omg! They are so good. And they are good for the baby and mama's milk supply. And they make the perfect snack at 3am when you're up with a newborn. That breastfeeding hunger is real, ya’ll! Plus, I'll take any excuse to eat a cookie…so let's just leave it at that and move on…


Mama Mio Belly Butter: I'm sure this has nothing to do with the aforementioned 3am cookie consumption, but I didn’t immediately lose the ‘baby weight.’ However, I didn’t get any glaring stretch marks on my belly and I think maybe it was due to this belly butter and oil that I used each night before bed. I used it religiously to ensure my skin's elasticity stayed up to par. I like the way it made my skin feel and I think it helped keep my skin hydrated, which is important because it is tough to stay hydrated while feeding another human.


The Ollie Swaddle: This swaddle is made for people like me (aka - people who suck at swaddling) and babies like mine (aka - babies who thrash about wildly as you try to swaddle them). The velcro kind of makes it fool proof and my daughter slept better at night when she was wrapped up in this.


On The Night You Were Born Book: We have 2 of these books. One for Atlas and one for Andi Rose. We took the book to the hospital on the night they were born (get it?) and had all the doctors and nurses who helped deliver them sign it. We also had some of our relatives sign it who stayed up in anticipation for their arrivals. This book is easily one of my favorite things in our home. It is so sweet and sentimental and I can hardly read it without crying. The fact that it is signed by people who helped bring our babies into this world just makes it all the more special. If you order this, just make sure you get the hardcover so you can have people sign it!

There are, of course, other baby-related things I love but this is just the short list for you. If you give any of these products a try, I hope they work in your house like they did in ours. :) And feel free to list your favorite baby products in the comment section below.

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