Newborn Portrait Photography

Newborn Portrait Photography | Jacksonville, FL

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When you are expecting a new baby, there are lots of items to check off of that to do list. A lot of times, new parents are so (understandably) overwhelmed, that one item might be overlooked: Baby photos! But not JUST photos, I am talking about those beautiful, sweetly posed portraits of the beautiful new baby. Sometimes they are wrapped up, or maybe they are strategically placed in a little prop. However you look at it, newborn portrait photography is very unique experience that every parent should consider. Time is so fleeting, and you do not want to miss out!


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What's it all about? A newborn photo shoot is like no other. First of all, it lasts a bit longer than your typical family session; usually three hours. These sessions are typically scheduled when your baby is between 6-12 days old, so we are working with a tiny, eating, pooping, sleeping (and sometimes crying) machine!  As your photographer, I work at the baby's pace to keep them comfortable and happy. Your child deserves the patience and time to create lasting images for your home.

When should you book? Even though I know it can be difficult to plan ahead, I always recommend booking your session during your second trimester. This will guarantee your spot on the calendar. Every client is so important; and there are only a certain number of expecting parents booked every month. Each and every family that I work with deserves to have the time and attention devoted to getting to know their photographer, and to custom plan their own session.

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What happens next? When your baby is born, we will go ahead and schedule you as soon as possible! After your photo shoot, we will meet again to review all of your portraits. This is SO much fun. Watching parents fall in love with their images makes it all worthwhile. From there, we work together to choose the best wall art and professional products that will be a perfect fit for your home. From custom baby books, to canvas, to traditional framed prints, I am here to help you every step of the way!

If you are interested in learning more about your own custom portrait session for your baby, contact me today!